Jämsä - Elämäsi tarina.

pyörälläJämsä offers excellent possibilities for biking. By bike, you can get easily around between sights and destinations.

Why not check out our nature monuments by bike:
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There is an illuminated cycle path on both sides of the river, connecting Himos, Jämsä and Jämsänkoski settlements.

On the Northern Tour Biking Route of Jämsä, you can find 75 kilometres of country roads meandering around riversides, lakesides, and genuine Finnish countryside. On the peaceful gravel roads of Jämsänniemi peninsula, you can choose a suitable roundtrip from the challenging road network of 85 kilometres in total. The printable route map helps you to maintain your course and follow the right road signs. (See the maps below)

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Mountain Biking

The Isojärvi National Park offers interesting routes, suitable for mountain biking and hiking.

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Mountain biking enthusiasts can find exciting challenge from the biking routes at Himos Holiday Resort. There is also a special event for mountain biking: Himos Epic.

You can rent bicycles and mountain bikes from the tourism businesses of Himos.

Biking and Hiking Route Maps

arrow roundOnline Excursion Map of Metsähallitus (www.excursionmap.fi)
arrow roundNational tour biking routes (www.poljin.fi)
arrow roundVisit Finland - Cycling in Finland (www.pyoraillensuomessa.fi)

Pump Track

Pumptrack JamsaIn summer 2017, the longest pump track course of Finland was built in the centre of Jämsä.
Address: Keskuskatu 18 B.

This versatile track is suitable for bikers of every age. Besides bikes and BMX-bikes, you can roll around with scooters, skate boards, roller skates etc.
Don't forget the helmet!


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Tourist Information

Keskuskatu 17, 42100 Jämsä
info@jamsa.fi, puh. 050 372 0069