Business Services of the city of Jämsä offer guidance and advice free of charge throughout the whole lifecycle of businesses:

  • starting and developing operations
  • search for premises or plots
  • changes in ownership
  • education
  • investments
  • financing related issues
  • networking

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Starting a business

Starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur is not always easy. You should carefully evaluate your business idea before setting up a business. Before you make up your mind, it is worth contacting an expert.

We will help you with compiling the founding documents for your new company. It is good for an entrepreneur to carefully consider the name of the company in advance, as it will be the first noticeable marketing tool for the company. You can find out if the name is already occupied by writing the name into the information service of the trade register.

The taxes from entrepreneurial activities will be charged through preliminary collection. In addition, most companies are required to carry value added tax from all sales.

With the Business services the founding of your company will start up smoothly. Feel free to contact us.

Joonas Nurminen 1 125x125 B

Business Service Manager
+358 40 778 9512
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Running a business

Are you planning to invest in new machinery or construct a new industrial space? Did you come up with a new product idea or are you expanding into international markets? Are you looking for qualified labour, or does your staff include persons dedicated to their personal development?

If you are planning to broaden your operations with new products or services, it is always worthwhile considering possible development aids. When you invest in new machinery or expand your industrial property, you may be entitled to discretionary funds, if the investment will create new jobs, new products, and increase your turnover. You can also apply for funds for business management education or export opportunities investigations.

Feel free to contact us! Let’s go over your company’s current situation, draft a project plan, consider your possibilities to receive public funding, fill out possible funding applications, estimations, and other required attachments, together.

Marko Leppänen 125x125 B

Business Service Manager
+358 40 747 7719
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Looking for a home for your company?

Jämsä Business Estate Company (Jämsän Yrityskiinteistöt Oy) can offer enterprises a wide variety of premises for both permanent and temporary needs. Our real estate properties consist mainly of office premises and industrial space. The company’s goal is to execute the strategy of Jämsä Administration on economic development and commercial premises as a reliable and active developer of local commercial real estates.

The surrounding excellent environment and our versatile services support your trade and business and help you to create a positive company image. There is now a new industrial territory in Jämsä, Myllymäki II, in the middle of good transport connections. It is a location, where your company can grow and develop. Jämsä Business Estate Company can be your partner when searching suitable commercial premises and it offers reasonable solutions covering the needs of your company.

Feel free to contact us!

Marko Leppänen 125x125 B

CEO / Jämsän Yrityskiinteistöt Oy
+358 40 483 6444
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