The communication and marketing policy of Jämsä City follows the spirit of the City's development strategy: "Story of Jämsä 2035". Our vision is to become: “a desired town with skills, entrepreneurship, and tourism”. The values of the Jämsä Story strategy are cooperation, service-mindedness, and transparency. Jämsä is an open living and business environment, promoting active participation and interaction.

Current issues and news are shared on our webpages, with press releases, announcements, through the social media, and in the Jämsän tarinat -magazine. Our communication policies enable active participation, interaction, and our staff takes part in various events and fairs.

The communication and public relations of the City of Jämsä are carried out by a communications team which includes professional representatives from all administrative sectors.

City Symbols:

Public Relations Representatives in the Administrative Department

Administrative Director, Ms Auli Korhonen, tel. +358 40 577 2146
- Develops, consults, and instructs the communicative processes between the governmental subdivisions
Human Resources Manager, Ms Maarit Mäntykoski, tel. +358 40 748 7992
- Responsible for operational readiness planning and communications. (Administrative Regulations §67)

Communications Manager, Ms Laura Walden, tel. +358 40 545 0687
- The leader of the communications team
- Coordination and guidance for communication
- Developing communication methods
- Chief editor of social media channels and the online magazine.

Web Information Officer, Ms Pirjo Grönvall, tel. +358 40 184 9375
- Chief editor of the websites (Internet, Intranet)
- Coordination and development of the websites
- Desktop publishing of the online magazine, member of the editorial team
- Other general administrative tasks.

Temporary Communications Officers on Other Sectors

Service Specialist, Mr Hannu Ahlstedt, tel. +358 40 538 0452
- Communications officer of the Department of Education and Culture, in addition to his regular duties
- Member of the editorial team.

Office Secretary, Ms Outi Kuntsi, tel. +358 50 373 4224
Manager of Finances, Ms Marja-Liisa Särkivuori, tel. +358 40 664 9474
- Communications officers of the Department of Social Services and Health Care, in addition to their regular duties.

Technical Secretary, Ms Tarja Luoto-Hakala, tel. +358 40 765 0349
- Communications officer of the Department of Technical Services and Community Development, in addition to her regular duties
- Member of the editorial team.

The general E-mail address for communications department is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Personal contacts are in form: firstname.lastname(at)

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