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Jämsän tunnus

The graphic look of Jämsä is fresh, modern, and light, but simultaneously classic, leaning on traditions. The colours and elements of the symbol are derived from the coats of arms of former municipalities, emphasizing the history of different parts of the city. The fresh blue colour symbolizes the waterways, the grey area reflects connection between various areas with an impartial, solid ground. The red dot is a mark of a dynamic, lively, and developing Jämsä, uniting separate areas. Along with the sturdy square basis, the elements of the image illustrate the typical landscape of Jämsä, with its hills and valleys, surrounded by waterways. The logo in whole emphasizes the image of a developing, modern city, facing towards the future.

The emblem was launched on Jan. 1st 2009. The designer is Päivi Hasala, AD / Pingraf.

Graphical Instructions

The emblem of Jämsä City contains both the logo image and graphical text. The logo image and text must be used together, according to the following graphical instructions, and only from the attached original files. If the image needs to be resized, the layout, positioning, and aspect ratio of the symbol should remain unchanged. The minimum size of a coloured symbol must exceed 20 millimetres. In black and white prints and publications, the emblem must be totally black with a white dot in the middle.

There is a protected area around the symbol, inside which there shall be no other elements or text. The size of the protected area is defined according to the length and height of the S-letter, as described in the



Jämsän tunnus






Logo for Print


Logo for Print


Logo for Publication


Logo for Publication


Any usage of the logo symbol must be agreed with Jämsä City officials.

Administrative Director, Annaliisa Lehtinen, tel. +358 46 923 3777


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