Jämsä is a town with beautiful nature and cosy living. In addition, it offers versatile recreational, occupational, and educational possibilities.
All services, both commercial and public, are close by and easily available, everything from day care to senior care. Therefore, Jämsä is a perfect home for both families with small children and elderly people.
In Jämsä, you can live in a detached house, a semi-detached house, or in a city-like apartment building.

The residential areas of Jämsä are concentrated in six population centres: the town centre, which is locally known as Seppola, and several smaller settlement areas, such as Kaipola, Jämsänkoski, Koskenpää, Halli, and Länkipohja. Many surrounding villages have active clubs and village societies, offering a noteworthy alternative for living in a peaceful countryside environment with spacious housing.

On these following pages for residents, you can find information on the services of Jämsä.

Administration section introduces you with the administrative functions of the town, such as its decision making process.

City Information will offer you basic information on the town and our public services, including up-to-date information and press-releases.

Entrepreneurs pages introduce very handy information about local business life, including a listing of local companies. It also contains important information for beginning entrepreneurs, developing companies, and investors.

Tourism pages are definitely worthwhile to visit. Here you can find useful information for both residents and new visitors. These pages tell you what to do in Jämsä, what there is to see, and which places you can visit.

Welcome to Jämsä!

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