Jämsä is a vital art town. Our beautiful landscapes have inspired Finnish national artists, such as Eliel Saarinen and national poet Eino Leino, among others. The enchantment of the nature has not disappeared. Awesome pieces are created in the hands of local artists. Wood, felt, clay, metal, and old items become reshaped in competent hands. In Kivipankki Gallery and Atelier Veli Ähtävä you can find changing art exhibitions all year round. In summer, various small galleries and ateliers will open their doors. Every year Jämsä, the Felt Valley of Finland, celebrates its masters with an international felt exhibition.

Atelier Veli Ähtävä

“A colourful world of wooden art!” The art gallery and atelier of Veli Ähtävä is located right beside the Himos Holiday Resort. Ähtävä is known for his unique three dimensional paintings carved on wood.
There are over 100 changing pieces of art on display.
Open: Every day, all year round. No entrance fees.
Address: Säyryläntie 210, 42100 Jämsä
Tel. +358 40 585 9103

Erkki Hirvelä Atelier

A summer gallery at Niskala, in Alhojärvi consists of the studio and gallery of Erkki Hirvelä with his aquarelles on display. Occasionally, the gallery serves as a concert hall. Changing exhibitions throughout the year.
Open: in July and by request. No entrance fees.
Address: Niskalantie 41, 42100 Jämsä
Tel. +358 400 576 409

Jämsä International Felt Exhibition / Jämsän Huopanäyttely

The International Felt Summer of Jämsä is a significant annual exhibition of felt artists, which gathers art works from Finnish, and foreign felt masters. The exhibition is held at Kivipankki Gallery by the Finnish Felt Association Filtti ry.
Open in July, Mon-Sun 12-17.
Address: Seppolantie 7, 42100 Jämsä   

Jämsä Kivipankki Gallery

Kivipankki is the main gallery of the City of Jämsä. It holds monthly changing exhibitions throughout the year. It is also a place for versatile events. In summer, the Gallery displays the International Felt Summer exhibition.
Open during exhibitions: Tue-Sun 12-17.
Free entrance.
Address: Seppolantie 7, 42100 Jämsä

Pikku Galleria / "Tiny Gallery"

Pikku Galleria is a summer gallery and the workshop of a visual artist, Piippa Mutikainen. It is located in the centre of Jämsä town, beside the river. Displayed interesting exhibitions from Finnish and foreign artists have enriched the culture life of Jämsä since 2004. During winter season the gallery offers interesting window exhibitions, the main exhibition is open in the middle of summer.
Address: Mottilantie 2 (harbour), 42100 Jämsä

Art Atelier Svetlana Ruoho

Changing fine arts exhibitions in the studio of the artist. Open in July.
Address: Alhojärventie 268, 42100 Jämsä
Tel. +358 40 506 0353

Taidetupa Atelje Hilkka Linden

Art exhibition in the studio of the artist. Open in July.
Address: Peltolantie 30 B, 35820 Mänttä
Tel. +358 44 029 0412

Art exhibition of Jorma-Tapio Valkama

Paintings and graphics from Jorma-Tapio Valkama. Open by request.
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Environmental Art Exhibition ”Between the Bridges” / Siltojen välissä

Annually, a local Joki association displays an environmental art exhibition on the shores of the Jämsänjoki River. The works are freely seen for everybody from middle June to the beginning of August. The art works are made by famous environmental artists as a statement for the environment and for life. Some artworks are permanent.

More information and opening hours of art exhibitions in Events Calendar


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