When you need help with your health issues, the health centres of the Jämsän Terveys (Jämsä Health) company offer the primary public health care services in Jämsä. You can contact the health centre by phone or visit the appointments office personally during the office hours. They will make a review for medical necessity for you and reserve an appointment for a doctor or a nurse when needed. In some cases, self-care instructions are sufficient. When needed, the patient will receive referrals to continuing examinations and healthcare.

Address: Sairaalantie 11, 42100 Jämsä
Telephone: +358 20 630 6020

When the health centres are closed, the urgent care is offered at the hospital's first aid station.
Telephone: +358 712 2555.

The public dental clinic offers instructions for dental care and appointments for oral health examination and dental care.

Physiotherapy gives advice and instructions for problems with musculoskeletal system. You can receive a referral from a doctor or make an appointment with the physical therapy yourself.

Family planning, maternity, and child welfare clinics, in addition to the school and student health services take care of birth control, pregnancies, and the health growth of children and youth. You can find the contact information on these services in section Family Services.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Care Clinics offer help for both patients and their close relatives in mental issues and in case of various addictions.

Occupational health care services offer company health service for enterprises operating in Jämsä or Kuhmoinen.

The General Emergency Number is 112.
The Poison Information Centre’s free duty number is +358 800 147 111.

Additional information and contacts:


Address: Sairaalantie 11, 42100 Jämsä
Telephone: +358 20 630 6020

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