Jämsän sairaalaThe Jokilaakso Hospital in Jämsä is a public hospital, operated by the Jokilaakson Terveys company (Jämsä River Valley Health). This joint company takes care of local doctor’s appointments, specialized medical care, and first aid services in Jämsä.

Jokilaakso Hospital

Address: Sairaalantie 11, 42100 Jämsä
Tel. +358 20 630 6050
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Webpages: https://www.jokilaaksonsairaala.fi/

Choose the safe hospital services of the Jokilaakso hospital! (Pdf in Finnish)

The Jokilaakso Hospital offers wide specialized health care services and urgent surgeries, especially for orthopedic and gastrointestinal surgery patients. The hospital also performs various day surgeries, knee surgeries and hip replacement surgeries, among others.

See direct contacts for our wards and nursing homes: Institutional Care.

Demanding Medical Care

Jämsä is part of the Pirkanmaa Health District, which means that the more demanding medical care for the residents of Jämsä is offered in the Tampere University Hospital (TAYS).

The control for specialized health care is organized either in Jämsä's Jokilaakso Hospital or in TAYS. Before having a referral to more demanding treatment, the residents of Jämsä or Kuhmoinen can negotiate with their doctor and choose between the Tampere University Hospital and the Central Hospital of Central Finland (in Jyväskylä).

However, childbirths and screenings during childbearing are organized in the Central Hospital of Central Finland, except for risk groups. The nurses and the doctors of the maternity clinic help the mothers to choose the right place for their childbirth.

Further information on the hospitals, their parking areas and patient hotels:

www.tays.fi (Tampere University Hospital and Pirkanmaa Health District)
www.ksshp.fi (Central Finland’s Health District and Central Hospital)

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