Jämsä is a town with six population centres. In the core centre, at Seppola, lives approximately 7,412 citizens. Jämsänkoski has around 5,590 residents, Kuorevesi 2,050 (Halli), Länkipohja 844, Kaipola 721, and Koskenpää 692. The rest of the 3,298 residents live in rural areas. At the end of year 2018, there were 20 607 residents in Jämsä.

See statistics of the population of Jämsä by residential areas (pdf in Finnish)

Jämsä is located in the middle of Southern Finland, between large waterways, which offers outstanding conditions for convenient living. In Jämsä, you can live on shore with a beautiful lakeside or river scenery, in a population centre, or in the town centre. Many residents of Jämsä, however, have chosen a little rural village in peaceful countryside.

Planning to move to Jämsä?

The City Administration of Jämsä and its real estate companies own over thousand rental apartments of different sizes. You can find apartments and houses in the town centre, at Jämsänkoski, at Halli, at Länkipohja, and at Koskenpää, or Kaipola.

For tenants: Rental apartments.

For home builders: Vacant Plots.


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