Anyone can be in a need for housing counselling sometimes, especially, if one is living in a rental apartment or is in need of a home. The most common issues for counselling are settling debts or conflicts, making payment plans, and giving guidance on how to apply for social security benefits or fill out applications.

Housing counsellor works in cooperation with housing secretaries, housing companies, private property owners, social workers, churches, the national social insurance institution KELA, and various other organizations. The aim is to find a flexible and holistic solution for housing problems and to ensure proper living conditions for the client.

Counselling is recommended for:

  • Young people,  youth gaining independence from after-care, immigrants, and anyone who is signing their first rental agreement;
  • Solitaire with low income and young families who need holistic support for their daily life;
  • Elderly people, who are not clients of the municipal eldercare system, but are in need of help due to their memory disturbances or other problems;
  • People who are experiencing some crisis and require help for resolving the situation;
  • Occasionally, people suffering from alcohol or drug addiction require help with the rent payments or environmental sanitation.

You can be in contact with the housing counsellor by booking a private appointment in the office or for a house call, or contacting by phone or by email.

Housing Counselling:
Housing Counsellor Milja Laakso
Tel. +358 50 463 1033, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Appointment booking by phone: Mon-Thu 8-9 am and 12noon-1 pm.

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