Most of the municipal rental apartments are offered through the Jämsänmäki Housing Company (Kiinteistö Oy Jämsänmäki), which is a public non-profit housing company, owned by the City of Jämsä.

Rental Apartments from the Jämsänmäki Housing Company

You can apply for a rental apartment with a rental application form, which can be printed out from the housing company's online service. Application forms can be received from the housing company (Seppolantie 5) and Jämsä City's information desk at Jämsä-Info.

The filled applications shall be delivered to the housing company with all requested appendixes. Applications with lacking information will not be considered.

See our brochure Rental Apartments in Jämsä

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Contact Information

Kiinteistö Oy Jämsänmäki
Seppolantie 5 (2nd floor), 42100 Jämsä
Open: Mon-Thu 9am-11am and 1pm-3pm, Friday closed
Other times only upon prior agreement.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Rental Apartments within the City of Jämsä

A few dwellings within public buildings, such as former village schools, are still administered through the Jämsä City Housing Department. You can apply for an apartment with an application which can be received from the information desk of the City, Jämsä-Info (Keskuskatu 8).

Rental Apartment Application Form

The rental apartments of the City:

  • Sairaalantie 11, Jämsä
  • Alatie 20 A 6, Jämsänkoski
  • Kenraalintie 17, Jämsänkoski
  • Virtasalmentie 30, Jämsänkoski
  • Kalliomäentie 4, Längelmäki
  • Hirsikankaantie 14, Längelmäki
  • Seuratie 2, Längelmäki
  • Korpilahdentie 7 (Koskenpään koulu), Koskenpää
  • Petäjävedentie 4, Koskenpää
  • Juokslahti school's apartments, Niemenkyläntie 145, 42140 Juokslahti

See on the map.

Contact information:

The City of Jämsä
Housing Department (yhdyskuntatoimi)
Secretary Terttu Pekkarinen
Tel. +358
40 718 1161
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Street address: Keskuskatu 17 (Police building)
Postal address: Keskuskatu 8,
42100 Jämsä


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