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Tapahtumia HimoksellaThe Himos Holiday Resort is the most significant tourist destination in Jämsä, offering speed and action all year round. Himos offers the biggest and most versatile ski slopes in Southern and Central Finland. For many years, Himos has been one of the most popular holiday centres of Finland.

Besides downhill skiing and crosscountry skiing, the winter holidays of Himos include husky rides, snowmobile tours, tour skating, troll fun in the Troll Forest, and versatile events for kids.

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Summer fun and magnificent sceneries

During summer weekends, the several hundred cottages of Himos are filled with festival and event visitors. The Neste Oil Rally Finland, the FinnMETKO Heavy Machinery Fair, and several other large events organized in the region can be noticed at Himos, as well. Many people consider Himos festivals as the highlight of their summer!

In summer, the beautiful green slopes of Himos are surrounded by a golf course with 18 holes. The course operates in pay&play principle – only a green card is required, and even that you can arrange at Himos. The surrounding beautiful sceneries ensure that you will enjoy playing golf from early spring to late autumn. And when the season is over, you can continue your golf hobby with a golf simulator of Himoswing at Jämsä. The disk golf course meandering under the ski slopes gives good exercise for players of all ages.

Delicious experiences

Two unique countryside restaurants, located near Himos: The Restaurant Patapirtti and The Restaurant Moose Manor, invite you to enjoy traditional Finnish dishes. At the Manor’s Moose Farm, you can see real living elks, deer, and reindeer from a close distance. Patapirtti offers Finnish wines from its own Uusi-Yijälä Farm Winery.

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All services nearby

The Himos Holiday Resort is located right beside the centre of Jämsä. All the services of the town are within a five-minute drive (8 km). In addition to your Himos vacation, you can find in Jämsä a comfortable swimming hall, ice halls, fitness centres, a movie theatre, several amateur theatres, art galleries, museums, concerts, good restaurants, including interesting souvenirs, special shops, and versatile supermarkets.

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Welcome to Himos!


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