In winter, there are around two hundred kilometers of cross-country ski tracks in the Jämsä region. On illuminated tracks, the lights are on from 8 am to 10 pm. The snow groomers begin their work immediately after heavy snowfall.

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Ski Tracks in Jämsä

In Jämsä, the ski tracks begin from Särkijärvi recreation centre and continue through Pykälä up to Jämsänkoski, Juokslahti, and down to Himos Holiday Resort. Make a nice skiing trip to the Pykälä Cabin (9 km), and have a cup of hot squash in its café! The Pykälä café is open on weekends, winter holiday weeks, and on full moon evenings. You can find the opening hours on

The ski tracks of Himos are connected with the ski tracks of Jämsä. The tracks to Pykälä hut begin from Himosranta cottage area. The Ski tracks of Himos are directly connected with the cross-country ski tracks of Jämsä. The ski track continues from Himosranta across Lake Patalahti, joins the slope areas of Northern and Western Himos and climbs to the top of the Northern Himos, where you can find a challenging illuminated 5 km ski trail. At the top of Himos mount there is a shelter along the ski track. From the golf course, the ski track continues to the centre of Jämsä.

In front of the Western Slopes, around the Kuikkajärvi Pond goes a special ski track with additional snowmaking.This ski track is open during the whole winter season.

In Jämsänkoski, you can find the race trails of Huhdanvuori mount with various ski tracks, diverging by one kilometre in length.

The Sport Centre of Halli offers ski tracks of 1, 3, and 5 kilometres. When the weather permits, the local volunteers groom an ice trail on Lake Eväjärvi.

The Runttimäki ski tracks, near Mänttä-Vilppula town, are taken care by the Runttimäki Sport Centre club. Very often, Runttimäki has had the thickest snow cover during the first winter weeks, and with the help of the nature and active members of the sports club, the ski tracks are quickly groomed. The new soft sand trail enables you to continue your skiing hobby even in summer.

In Längelmäki, there is a wide ski track network, which is taken care by the Längelmäki Sportsmen Association with their own snow groomer.

General Skiing Rules

Walking with or without dogs and driving with snowmobiles and other vehicles is strictly forbidden on groomed ski trails. In so far as it is necessary to walk in the skiing area, the pedestrian should walk on the edge of the tracks, making sure not to break the groomed surface. Snowmobiles must stay on the marked snowmobile trails.

Please note that the ski tracks have mainly been laid on private properties. The landowners expect courtesy from the skiers when skiing close to courtyards and farms. The everyman's right does not allow to violate the privacy of surrounding residents.

Ski Track Maps

You can find all the ski tracks of Jämsä from our Online Ski Track Service. The service will also show the current condition of the trails.

Ski Track Maintenance

You can find the up-to-date information on ski track maintenance on our online service: (in Finnish) The service gives you information on the maintenance and condition of the tracks (last grooming and surveillance), track type, length, and illumination. (The black routes are closed).

The recreation area supervisor
Jani Virtanen +358 400 607 842
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The maintenance of Himos ski tracks is undertaken by the Himosvuori Ski Track Pool, which consists of local tourism businesses, the holiday apartment owners, and the City of Jämsä.
Telephone: +358 400 183 303.

The Längelmäki Sportsmen Association is responsible for the ski tracks of Länkipohja.

During the skiing season, the ski tracks are groomed daily, according to the weather conditions. When there is heavy snowfall, the maintenance will begin immediately after it stops snowing. The ski tracks of Himos are groomed during the early morning.

In Jämsä, the groomers head to the trails in the morning, at about 8 o'clock. The maintenance process usually begins from Särkijärvi towards Pykälä, and from the Jämsänkoski Skiing Centre and Morva Inn towards Pykälä and the surrounding areas. Other routes are groomed after the main tracks.

The maintenance of the lake trails depends on the thickness of the ice and snow cover. Rising water can rapidly weaken the condition of ski tracks on the ice surface. We appeal to fishermen to avoid ice fishing close to ski tracks.

Additional Information

Jämsä Tourist Information:
Tel. +358 50 372 0069
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Oinaala Ski Jump Center

The Rivervalley Ski Jump Club (Jokilaakson Mäkiseura ry) maintains the Ski Jump Center of Oinaala, in Jämsänkoski. The ski jumping hills K5, K15, K22, and K45 are available for jumpers both in winter and summer seasons. The local club offers guided ski jump exercises every week and special ski jump schools for all attracted with the sport.

Address: Koskenpääntie 22 B, FI-42300 Jämsänkoski

Additional information:
Veikko Äikiä, tel: +358 500 546 051 and Markku Mattila tel. +358 400 438 510


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