Swimming dayJämsä is located in the middle of most beautiful Finnish Lakeland. There are over 400 lakes in Jämsä, biggest of which are Lake Päijänne and Lake Längelmävesi. The town centre is divided by the Jämsänjoki River.

The city administration of Jämsä maintains multiple public beaches. The public beaches of local communities and companies fulfil the offering.

In summer, you can go swimming after shopping in the very centre of the town, in Maauimala swimming pond. From Haavisto village you can find an idyllic sand beach with a fabulous scenery and peaceful nature. The Särkijärvi recreation centre offers also an ice-swimming hole in winter, with a warm sauna.

The indoor swimming hall Koskikara enables swimming also in winter. Besides traditional swimming pools, there is a jacuzzi, therapy pool, kids pool, cafeteria, and a gym.


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