The swimming time continues one (1) hour after the ticket sale is closed. The swimmers must leave no later than one and a half (1.5) hours after the ticket sale is closed.

Ticket sale is open in winter season

( August 13-April 30)

Mon, Wed and Thu 13:30-19:30
Tue and Fri 6:30-19:30
Sat and Sun 12:00-16:30

Ticket sale is open in summer season

(May 2-June 18)

Mon-Fri              12:00-18:30
Sat & Sun           closed


The swimming hall is closed in 2020 from March 16 to April 13, in order to prevent the spreading of the corona virus.

The swimming hall is closed on national holidays:

May 1st
May 10th
December 25th

Koskikarantie 1, 42300 Jämsänkoski
Cafeteria and ticket sales, tel. +358 40 712 2521
Supervicers and lifeguards, tel. +358 40 712 2522

The indoor swimming hall Koskikara includes a swimming pool, therapy pool, children's pool, and a gym. The bathrooms include saunas and a steam bath. In summer, you can also swim in Lake Koskikeskinen. In winter, you can go ice swimming. The café offers refreshments, bakery, and sandwiches.

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