There are over 190 kilometres of streets in the town of Jämsä. Street and road network engineering, construction, and maintenance help to create a pleasant environment. When we develop roadways, we take into equal consideration the needs of all forms of traffic.

The objects for reconstruction and development are defined in a work programme, which is approved by the municipal decision-makers three times in a year.

Public Transport

Jämsä has convenient public transport connections for travelling to work, school, and shopping. Connections to other parts of the country are also excellent, as can be expected, as Jämsä is located in the middle of southern Finland.

The City Administration has ordered and organized public transportation between the following population areas: Kaipola-Jämsä-Jämsänkoski, Jämsä-Himos, Jämsä-Kuorevesi, and Jämsänkoski-Koskenpää.

Contact Information

Municipal Technical Services

City Engineer, Katja Rissanen, Tel. +358 40 846 9816
Street Engineer, Juha Hämelahti, Tel. +358 40 515 2330

Public Transportation

Logistic, Joona Nurmi, Tel. +358 400 506 811

Road and Street Maintenance Hotline
between Nov. 1st March 31st (outside office hours), Tel. +358 40 707 1409

Links to the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Central Finland.


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