In Jämsä, you can live in the town centre, population centres, or in rural areas, according to your own needs and wishes. There are plenty of different residential areas located around the core centre of the town, around the population centres and around lakesides. The largest settlements offer the basic services for quality living.

The City Administration offers a wide variety of new building lots in different parts of the town for both private and industrial construction. The City offers holiday plots in Himos Holiday Resort as well. You can find the vacant plots on our page: Building Plots.

The Urban Planning and Land Use Department is responsible for strategic planning in forms of designing and developing the town, and regulating land use and construction works in the area. Zoning and parcel numbering affect the building regulations as well.

The Building Control Services act as the building inspection authority in the region. The Building Control gives instructions and provides construction permits for both large and minor objects, and carries out official inspections.

The Property Management Services take care of city’s real properties. It is responsible for designing and constructing new public buildings.

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