satamatJämsä has hundreds of lakes and waterways. In addition to small lakes, Jämsä has two larges water basins: Lake Päijänne and Lake Längelmävesi. Lake Päijänne is the longest lake of Finland, which divides the Southern Finland from Lahti to Jyväskylä.

If you are dreaming of a long boat trip, you can start from the Hulkkionlahti bay in Jämsä and head to the north, through the whole province of Central Finland, up to the Keitele village. If you prefer south, you can sail towards Vääksy and carry on down to Lahti.

Local tourism providers organize cruises and fishing trips on Lake Päijänne, where you can enjoy the sceneries.

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Another significant lake in Jämsä is Lake Kankarisvesi, in Jämsänkoski settlement. It is split by Cape Rasuanniemi, which creates a beautiful landscape with sand beaches. Long and narrow Lake Kankarisvesi is part of the picturesque canoeing route of Wanha Witonen, which run from Petäjävesi down to Lake Päijänne.

In Halli settelement you can enjoy rowing trips on Lake Eväjärvi. The church and local museum of Kuorevesi, however, are located on shore of a beautiful Lake Kuorevesi.

The visitors of Himos can row, paddle, and fish on Lake Patalahti. In winter the lake is used for tour skating and ice swimming, among others.

The River Jämsänjoki flows through the very centre of Jämsä town, creating an excellent river passage, romantic recreational paths and great fishing conditions. At Jämsänkoski the river pours down through magnificent rapids near the Ilveslinna centre and dives under the under the paper mills.

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Facts on Lake Päijänne

The longest lake of Finland
Surface area 1 118 km²
Length 119 km
Maximum width 28 km
Average depth 16,2 m
Maximum depth 95,3 m
Shore line 2 248 km
Catchment area 26 480 km²



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