Wanha Witonen is a canoeing rCanoeing Route in Central Finlandoute in the most beautiful nature of Central Finland. Along the Route, wilderness and the scenes of cultural heritage alternate in harmony. The route consists of small lakes, rivers and rapids.

The Wanha Witonen Canoeing Route begins from Petäjävesi, flows through whole Jämsä: the village of Koskenpää, settlement of Jämsänkoski, and the town centre of Jämsä, ending up on Lake Päijänne. The total length of the route is 75 km. There are plenty of nice alternatives for a shorter canoe trip as well.

On this versatile canoeing route, you can either choose to shoot the fast rapids, or overtake them by a short and easy path by land, carrying the canoe. The temper of the rapids varies very much depending on the water level of the season. During the spring and autumn floods, the rapids are fast and challenging, but during the summer time they are more like peaceful streams which offer a nice shooting route even during the lowest tide.

Rapids and Streams

  • Hankakoski
  • Ravunkoski
  • Lapinkoski
  • Kalliokoski - bypassing on land
  • Virtalankoski
  • Survosenkoski I
  • Survosenkoski II
  • Luomenkoski I
  • Luomenkoski II
  • Rekolankoski & Patalankoski - bypassing on land

The Wanha Witonen Canoeing Route is suitable for paddlers and rowers of all ages and experience. Before heading to the long route, it is wise to practice paddling on peaceful lakesides, such as, Lake Patalahti at Himos Holiday Resort, Lake Kankarisvesi in Jämsänkoski, or Lake Salosvesi at Koskenpää. Lake Päijänne requires hard experience. Due to the unexpected wind, the kayakers must keep close to the shores, with the cover of the islands.

ww canoeing mapIn Jämsänkoski and Koskenpää, there are several excellent starting points and resting places for paddlers: you can sleep in camping cabins, trailers, tents, cosy villas, or rooms.

You can purcase a waterproof route map in the tourist information office of Jämsä. The maps are available also in the local tourist companies, swimming hall Koskikara, and libraries in Jämsä.

What does Wanha Witonen mean?

WanhaWitonen 1909 finnmark noteWanha Witonen received its name from an old five Finnmark note (”The Old Fiver”) issued in 1909. It was designed by a world famous architect, Eliel Saarinen. The lake and a rower in the centre of this old note were painted by him at Rasuanniemi Cape at Jämsänkoski.

Accommodation, Sights, and Services

There are fine cultural sights, nature monuments, accommodations, and dining facilities along the route. At Petäjävesi, for instance, you can find a Unesco world heritage site: an old wooden church. In addition, you can make an extra trip on a crater lake, formed by a meteorite. At Jämsänkoski, the route passes the local heritage museum of Aarresaari. The restaurant Vanha Mylly (Old Mill), Wanha Makasiini café, Ilveslinna culture club, and an ancient defence fortress Linnasenvuori are all within a walking distance from the route. The centre of Jämsä is located right beside the Jämsä River. Next to the route, you can find Kivipankki Art Gallery and Pälämäki local museum, among others.

There are plenty of tourism companies along or near the Wanha Witonen Canoeing Route offering accommodation, dining, and other services. With the waterproof map you will be able to plan your trip in advance and book accommodation, equipment, guide services, and transport in advance.

arrow roundServices along the Paddling Route

Canoe rental and paddling services

The kayaking instructors of our region organize canoe and kayaking trips on the Wanha Witonen Canoeing Route and rent the equipment:

Eräopaspalvelu Talvi T:mi / Wilderness Guide Talvi

Guided canoeing and kayaking trips, kayaking training, canoe rental and transportation on the whole route, bypassing transport for the Jämsänkoski Paper Mills, guided canoeing trips on the Jämsä River, Isojärvi National Park, and other waterways in the region.
Telephone: +358 45 110 0145
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kievari Rantapirtti / Rantapirtti Inn

Canoeing and kayaking trips, kayaking training, canoe rental and transportation on the route, accommodation and dining services at Koskenpää village.
Address: Petäjävedentie 447, 42440 Koskenpää
Telephone: +358 14 767 116
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Himos Safaris / Himos Holidays

Canoe rental at Himos on Lake Patalahti and Juokslahti bay on Lake Päijänne. Cottage and hotel accommodation at Himos Holiday Resort.
Address: Länsi-Himoksentie 4, 42100 Jämsä
Telephone: +358 20 711 9230
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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You can order brochures about the region from here: order brochures.

From the waterproof route map you can find all the information you will need for planning your trip and paddling safely on the route. Waterproof maps are for sale in the tourism companies along the route, and in the tourist information office and the libraries of the City of Jämsä.

arrow roundTourist Information Office of Jämsä City


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