HimosPaijanne2025Himos Holiday Resort is one of the main development projects of the City of Jämsä. During the last two decades, Himos has significantly expanded and grown from a skiing centre into an active holiday resort operating all year round.

Today, based on its ski lift turnover, Himos is the 5th popular ski resort in Finland. On average, the skiing season lasts over five months.  Unpredictable weather conditions have been resolved by improving the snowing system. The slope services are constantly developing. Newly zoned Western Centre area enables even to build an indoor alpine skiing centre on the western slopes of Himos hills.

In addition to the ski resort, Himos includes large areas of holiday housing, service buildings, a full-scale golf course, a full-scale disk golf course, full service festival facilities, and versatile activity services.

In the near future, Himos will have its own spa-hotel. On the shores of Lake Päijänne is rising a new holiday housing area and the plans include a boat harbour hotel, which would join Himos and Lake Päijänne closer together.

The City of Jämsä constantly zones new building lots at Himos and sells properties to investors and private households.

More information on page: Holiday properties at Himos.

News from Himos

arrow roundNew Master Plan 2035 of Himos in progress


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