Nature destinationsThe Jämsä Region allows plenty of experience in nature. Himos, Lake Päijänne and the National Park of Isojärvi invite visitors to enjoy the beauty of Lake Finland. There are several unique nature monuments in the region which show the remarkable designing skills of the Mother Nature. Especially in spring time, the foaming rapids and Juveninkoski waterfalls are pleasant to watch.

arrow roundNational Park of Isojärvi
arrow roundJuveninkoski Waterfall
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Wilderness Guides and Services

Eräopaspalvelu Talvi T:mi / Wilderness Guide Service Talvi

Tailored wilderness excursions in Jämsä region and at Himos. Guided hiking trips, canoeing and kayaking trips including canoe rental, extreme adventures, fishing trips etc.


Workplace health promotion programmes, team competitions, and other tailored activity programmes in wilderness.

Luontopalvelu Erätaival / Nature Services Erätaival

Backpacking courses, wild plant and herb courses, hiking trips, workplace health promotion programmes, wilderness lunches etc.


Wilderness guide services, adventures, canoe trips, and hiking in the Isojärvi National Park.


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