Isojarven kansallispuistoThe Isojärvi National Park, located on the border of Jämsä and Kuhmoinen, is an excellent destination for a day or two hiking trip. There are over 30 km of footpaths. The trails are marked, and there are special areas for camping and campfires. Kayaking and paddling are also possible. The National Park is located on the southern shore of Lake Isojärvi, and it contains over 20 islands. The local activity service providers organize guided hiking tours and canoeing services in the park.

A previous log floaters cabin, Heretty, has been renovated to serve as a summer cafeteria and a museum introducing log floaters culture. The cabin serves for lodging as well. Other historical buildings in the park are Lortikka cabin, which is rented for lodging maximum 20 persons, and a reserved Huhtala croft, where annual traditional culture events are held.


The nature trail of Heretty (3 km), towards Kannuslahti, tells the story of agent forestry. The nature trail of Lortikka (3 km) introduces the local geology and species. Other routes are between 4 to 11 kilometres. The longest routes can be connected to a roundtrip of 20 kilometres. Some routes are suitable for bicycles and prams.

Heretty Cabin and a Summer Cafeteria

Cafeteria and accommodation in Isojärvi National Park.
Address: Kylämäntie 1335, Kuhmoinen
Tel. +358 400 999 393

Metsähallitus / The Administration of Forests

More information on hiking routes and services in Isojärvi.

Address: Kylämäntie 1335, Kuhmoinen
GPS: 61°40.6533', 25°00.1529'

Driving instructions

Heretty Cabin is located besides the road Länkipohja– Kuhmoinen. There is a parking area. There are three alternative ways to drive to the park:

1) Drive 25 km from Jämsä towards Tampere along the Highway 9 (9/E63). There is a sign in Länkipohja towards the Isojärvi National Park. Turn left to Länkipohja, on Längelmäentie. After 1.5 km turn left on Petsamontie. After 6 km turn right on Kylämäntie, drive 8 km. The last road is gravel. Distance: 40 km from Jämsä. Driving time approximately 30 minutes.

2) Drive 17,5 km from Jämsä along the Highway 9 (9/E63) towards Tampere and turn left to Hämepohjantie road. Drive straight for 2,5 km. Turn right to Ouninpohjantie road towards Velu and drive approximately 4 km. Turn left to Petsamontie road towards Kuhmoinen and continue for approximately 8,5 km. This is a beautiful scenery road, but most of the road is gravel. Distance: 33 km from Jämsä. Driving time approximately 30 minutes.

3) Drive 38 km from Jämsä towards Lahti (Highway 24). There is a sign towards the Isojärvi National Park in Kuhmoinen. Turn right to Länkipohja, on Längelmäentie road. After 5 km, turn left on Kylämäntie, drive about 13,4 km. This last roads are gravel. Distance: 57 km from Jämsä. Driving time approximately 50 minutes.

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