JuveninkoskiJuveninkoski rapids are part of the Nytkymenjoki River. It is the highest and steepest known free waterfall in Central Finland. The height of the waterfall is over 7 meters. Especially, during the spring floods, it is a magnificent sight. In summer, a sharp pathway leads to the downstream. It begins at the Partalantie road, behind the guardrail. The local village society of Partala has built a parking area, information sign, an observation post, and a resting place with mill stones on top of the waterfall, beside the road. Not far from the waterfall, downstreams, there is a small swimming pond.

Address: Partalantie 194, Jämsä.
GPS: 61°50.7352', 25°04.3996'

Driving Instructions

Drive approximately 4,5 km from Jämsä towards Tampere on Highway 9. Turn right on Partala sign onto Partalantie road. Continue 1,8 km and you will see a parking area on right side of the road. The stream flows under the road. If you came to a crossroads, you drove too far.

At the end of the parking area, you will see an information board and a wooden sign “Juveninkoski” showing the direction to the waterfalls. The pathway leads to short stairs and the resting place on top of the waterfalls. Walking distance approximately 30 meters.

In order to find the pathway down, you will need to continue along the road by foot. The mowed pathway begins right after the rapids on right side of the road. Climb over the guardrail. Walking distance is 50 meters. The hill is challenging to walk on both ways.

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