RotkovuoriThe most magnificent gulch lake in Central Finland is located in Jämsä. The cliff walls of the northern shore are several kilometres wide. The lake is formed in a ravine, eroded by a river running from the ice coat of the Ice Age. It is a valuable nature monument in both landscape values and geologically. The territory includes rare grove vegetation. Lake Ruuhijärvi, located at the bottom of the gulch, is an 800 metres long and 50 metres wide lake with a high organic level. Its entire northern shore is formed out of an abrupt cliff of Ruuhivuori mount. The wall is 40 metres at its highest. The rift valley formation continues at both ends of the lake.

The preservation area contains forests and small groves. From the top, the lake can be seen best in spring and in autumn. In summer, it is worthwhile to continue down the path so that the trees will not cover the view.

There are no marked trails on either mount Ruuhivuori and within the gulch area, but the path from the road is easy to follow. A good map and footwear are recommended, however. This demanding terrain is suitable for independent backpackers and guided tours.

Address: Heräkulma 609, Jämsä
GPS: 61°55.0228', 24°57.0077'

Driving instructions

Drive approximately 10 km from Jämsä towards Halli, turn right towards Palsina and drive precicely 6 km. A small sign displaying "Ruuhivuori" will appear on your left on the edge of the forest. Approximately 10-20 meters after the sign, there is a small lay-by for one or two cars. The lay-by continues with a narrow pathway. The pathway meanders along the edge of the forest and turns to the edge of the gulch (500-800 m) and down to the lake. There are several good vantage points along the pathway.

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