vororotti rift valleyThe most magnificent rift valley in Central Finland, on dry land, with ravines and caves, is located in the Jämsä region. This protected preservation area consists of less than four hectares. There is a rocky and demanding path leading to these impressive cliffs, but the terrain is mostly dry.

As the name Vororotti indicates ('voro' means a thief), Vororotti has often been a hideout for outlaws. In the narrow tunnel, it would still be possible for an observant visitor to be able to notice sooty marks that have been caused by the robbers' campfires.

Address: Vuorisjärventie 378, Jämsä
GPS: 61°47.3877', 25°00.3521'

Driving Instructions

Drive about 11 km along Highway 9 from Jämsä towards Tampere, then turn right onto the Järvenpääntie road. After 800 meters, turn left under Highway 9, onto the Vuorisjärventie road. Follow the road for 4 km, until you see a sign on your left side displaying "Vororotti 0.4 km". The path begins besides the sign. Follow the path straigth ahead and you will see the cliffs of the gulley on your right. The easiest way to find the place is by writing the address into the navigator.

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