Marianne, Sofia ja Joonas kirjastossaThe library is open for everyone free of charge. The library staff will be happy to assist you on any additional information you request on the library services. We look forward to welcoming you to The Jämsä Library!

Main library

e-mail: kirjasto(at)
tel.: +358 40 712 2503
address: Kenraalintie 12, 42300 Jämsänkoski, Finland
Opening hours: monday-thursday 10-19, friday 10-17

Accessibility information on Main library
Guide map of the Main library

Branch libraries

Kuorevesi, Lentoasemantie 1, 35600 Halli
Länkipohja, Kirjastotie 4, 35400 Längelmäki
Self-service library, opening hours usually: 7-21

Our online access catalogue:
See also: Libraries in Finland and Finland in your language

No fee services

Use of the computer (PC) with Internet connection. You may reserve time for the computer by telephoning the library 040 712 2503 or by e-mail kirjasto(at) Of course you are also welcome to visit in person. 

Permanent residents can fill out a form for the library card.

The library card holder will be responsible for the lending rules:

  • returning the borrowed out material on time - there is a fee for a delay. The library card holder may lose his priviledges if the items are not returned and the late charges not paid for.
  • the library card holder is responsible for all the items taken out with the card.
  • if the library card is lost it must be reported.


  • You may reserve an item that is currently unavailable. You may extend the lending time by a phone or a computer if there is no other request for it.

The Library services for the residents include

  • The mobile library touring the rural communities on a regular schedule.
  • The library will serve those residents at home who are unable to visit the facilities due to disabilities.

Lending time

  • 28 days: books, language courses and sheets of music
  • 14 days: magazines
  • 14 days: DVDs
  • 7   days: 1 week loan

Charges (euros)

  • Delayed return of the borrowed material: 0,30 per day
  • Reservations not picked up: 2,00
  • The renewal of the library card: 2,00
  • Damaged item: 1,00 - 8,00
  • Lost item: the price of a replacement
  • COPY machine - self service and computer PRINT out: black&white A4 0,50, A3 0,80, color A4 0,70, A3 1,00
  • Inter-library loan: 3,00 - 20,00

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