Upper secondary education

In addition to basic education, Jämsä offers high-quality and versatile upper secondary education: Jämsä General Upper Secondary School, Gradia Jämsä, Music School, Jämsä Workers’ Institute and courses at the Open University. Top-level sports and studying can be combined through high-quality sports training offered locally.


Jämsä General Upper Secondary School

The general upper secondary school strives to provide the best possible conditions for versatile learning and further studies.

Studies in the general upper secondary school are divided into five periods of approximately the same length. The syllabus for each subject is divided into study units. During your studies, you can also complete courses with the length of one study unit at other upper secondary level institutions in Jämsänlaakso.
If you wish, you can also complete a double degree in 3 to 4 years.


Vocational education and training

Gradia Jämsä and Jämsän Kristillinen kansanopisto [Jämsä Christian Institute] offer high-quality and versatile teaching in Jämsä.

Gradia Jämsä offers education to both young people and adults. Vocational upper secondary qualifications, further vocational qualifications, partial qualifications, short-term studies – there are many opportunities in Jämsä.

Familiarise yourself with Gradia: https://www.gradia.fi/en

Jämsän Kristillinen Kansanopisto [Jämsä Christian Institute] is a boarding school providing general and vocational education.

Students can choose between the following subjects: language and music studies, international studies, practical studies, basic education and technical studies.


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