Worker’s Institute and Music School

For more than 70 years already, Jämsä Workers’ Institute has offered tuition, hobbies and new insights to its residents. The Music School provides basic education in the arts.

Jämsä Workers’ Institute

Jämsä Workers’ Institute offers a wide range of training and recreational opportunities. The curriculum consists of approximately 200 different courses every year. The courses are subject to a fee. Studying and hobbies create opportunities for self-development, mental well-being and a good quality of life.

Courses in different subject areas:

  • Social sciences and humanities: society, history, economics,
  • Information technology
  • Languages: Finnish, English, German, French, Spanish and sign language
  • Art subjects: literature, culture, music, visual arts and stage arts
  • Handicrafts skills: weaving, sewing, crafts, jewellery and silver work, special techniques, woodwork, restoration
  • Physical exercise and dance: fitness and health-enhancing physical activities, Oriental sports,

Music School

Jämsänjokilaakso Music School is an art institute responsible for organising basic education in the arts.

Teaching at the Music School mainly consists of individual teaching. Group instruction is provided in chamber music, orchestra, the basics of music, and the music play school. Student concerts and other performances are an essential part of basic and post-secondary education.

In addition to the central urban area of Jämsä, the Music School also operates in areas of Jämsänkoski, Kuorevesi and Länkipohja. The branch office of the Music School is located in Kuhmoinen.

Studying at the Music School is subject to a fee.

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